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Packaged Water Chillers

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ACU Series Packaged Water Chillers are designed to meet diversified process cooling requirements of the Modern Industry, meant to enhance productivity & quality. They are equipped with the latest safety features and microprocessor controls and easy to handle and maintain.

Silent Features

  • Microprocessor based control.
  • PHE (Plate heat exchanger) Evaporator.
  • Large size inbuilt insulated tank for local dedicated cooling.
  • Shell &Tube / Large size finned condenser.
  • High pressure chilled water pump with Mechanical seal
  • Safety features ie Single phasing prevention, LP / HP cut outs,
  • Anti freeze, dry running protection etc.
  • Audio Visual Alarm against operational failure to draw attention.
  • Easy access for internal components maintenance.
  • High performance, low maintenance system with switching cycle
  • control.
  • Crank case heater to prevent liquid migration of refrigerant in
  • Compressor.
  • Filter dryer to ensure moisture free system.
  • Water re-feeding valve to maintain level in the tank
  • automatically.
  • Low switching frequency of compressor by intelligent program.
  • Fault indication with audio alarm.
  • Isolated switch cabinet with all necessary switches and power
  • controls.


  • Hot and cold well tank’s External.
  • Simplex / Duplex water filters.
  • Extra large chilled water buffer tanks.
  • Auto, PC compatible Data loggers.
  • R134 A Unit
  • Automatic water make up device.
  • High Flow rates model are available.
  • GHPE for open application
  • By pass loop arrangements.